Download and Install Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition


Downloading Ad-Aware


Step One:


First download the program.  VC recommends getting it from C-Net Downloads. 

Go to and search for Adaware, or go directly there by following the link off the Helpdesk Webpage.


























Step Two:


You may be prompted to either Open or Save the file.  Click Save






















Step Three:


You want to save it to an easily locatable place.  Click the dropdown list at the top, and select Desktop.

Then click Save.
























Step Four:


The file will begin downloading.  This may take several minutes, depending on your connection speed. 

Once completed you may be prompted to Open, Open Folder, or Close.  Click Open.

If it did not prompt you then you must locate the file on your desktop. 

Once you have found the icon, double click to begin the installation process.





























Installing Ad-Aware


Step Five: 


Ad-Aware installaion will begin with the welcome screen.  Close all open programs, and click Next.






























Step Six:


Read over the license agreement, Check the “I accept” check box, and click Next.






























Step Seven:


Choosing a destination folder.  It is best to keep the default destination, click Next.






























Step Eight:


Select “Anyone who uses this computer” and click next.































Step Nine:


Now that you have entered all necessary settings, it is time to actually install the application. 

Click Next.






























Step Ten:


Select the options you want ad-aware to perform once the installation completes. 

We recommend performing a full system scan, and updating the definition file. 

If you do not want to read the help File, uncheck the box, then click Finish.































Step Eleven:


Once the installation completes, Ad-Aware will automatically perform a web update to update current definition files.

























Step Twelve:


Ad-Aware will automatically begin a Deep System Scan looking for adware, malware, and other suspicious files. 

This may take several minutes.   Once complete Click Next.



























Step Thirteen:


This page shows you the list of all Critical Objects found. 

You want to remove these, so right-click on the first object and click “Select All Objects.” 

This should place a check mark next to each object.  Making sure each box is checked, click Next.





Step Fourteen:


It will then quarantine and delete each file.   Once completed, it will take you back to the Start Screen. 

You have now successfully downloaded, installed, and run Ad-Aware. 

Close the Window.  It is recommended to run Ad-Aware at least once a week. 

Remember to check for new updates every time you run the program.