Configuring and Running Ad-Aware



It is recommended to run ad-aware at least once a week.  Remember to check for updates before you run the scan.



Step One:

Open Ad-Aware, either by click on the shortcut on the desktop, or by going to:

Start -> Programs -> Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal -> Ad-Aware SE Personal.

This will open Ad-Aware to the Start screen.


Step Two:

Check for updates.  Click on the “Check for updates now” link located on the bottom right, next to the Start button (Ad-Aware window).  Click Connect to check for updates.  If Ad-Aware finds new updates it will ask you if you want to download and install them – say yes, and once the download completes click Finish.  If it does not find any new definition files, it will say “No updated components available.” Click OK, then Finish.


Step Three:

Click Start to prepare to scan your PC.  You will be asked to choose a scan mode.  The best mode is to perform a full system scan, a smart scan is usually faster, but it does not catch everything a full system scan does.   Then click Next.


Step Four:

The scan will then begin searching your computer for malicious files or spy ware.  Once complete click Next.


Step Five:

You will now see a list of all Critical Objects found.  You want to remove these, so right-click on the first object and click “Select All Objects.”  This should place a check mark next to each object.  Making sure each box is checked, click Next.


Step Six:

It will then quarantine and delete each file.   Once completed, it will take you back to the Start Screen.  You have now successfully downloaded, installed, and run Ad-Aware. 

Close the window.