Download and Install SpyBot Search and Destroy


Downloading SpyBot



Step One:

First download the program.  Go to or go directly there by following the link

 off the Helpdesk Webpage. Click the button “Download Here” to go to the download page. 

Then, click Download SpyBot.





Step Two:

You may be prompted to either Open or Save the file.  Click Save.





Step Three:

You want to save it to an easily locatable place.  Click the dropdown list at the top, and select Desktop.

Then click Save.





Step Four:

The file will begin downloading.  This may take several minutes, depending on your connection speed. 

Once completed you may be prompted to Open, Open Folder, or Close.  Click Open.

If it did not prompt you then you must locate the file on your desktop. 

Once you have found the icon, double click to begin the installation process.







Installing SpyBot



Step Five: 

The SpyBot installation will begin with a screen asking for language during Installation, select your native language (English). 

Then the Welcome Screen for the Setup Wizard will open.  Close all open programs, and click Next.





Step Six:

Read over the license agreement, Select the “I accept” radio button, and click Next.





Step Seven:

Choosing a destination folder.  It is best to keep the default destination, click Next.





Step Eight:

Select the components you wish to install.  Leave it at Full Installation and click Next. 

You will then be prompted to choose the Start Menu Folder.  Again, leave it as defaulted, and click next.






Step Nine:

Now you must select any additional tasks you would like SpyBot to perform.  Choose the Icon locations, and decide on permanent protection. 

If you are not clear on what each option is for, simply leave it as defaulted, and click next.





Step Ten:

All the choices you made during the Installation wizard and now displayed. 

Read over them and make sure you chose the correct selections.  Then Click Install.

























Step Eleven:

Once the installation completes, you will be prompted to run SpyBotSD.exe, click Finish.





Step Twelve:

You will be prompted with a short message about Advertisements, click OK.  You will then be propted with a Compatibility warning, if you have any other software installed that may conflict with SpyBot, such as Ad-Aware.  Please read the information provided about these compatibility issues, then click OK.  If you do not want to see these messages again be sure to check that option on each window before clicking OK. 

Another box will have opened requesting that you back up your registry.  Click the button to “Create Registry Backup.”





Step Thirteen:

Once the registery Backup Completes, Click next then Search For Updates.

 The main SpyBot window in the background will change to the Updates screen. 

Click “Download All available Updates on the Spybot S&D Wizard Window.  New updates will be downloaded and installed.






Step Fourteen:

Spybot – S&D is now ready for use.  To start your scan, click the button “Check For Problems.”

It is recommended to run this program at least once a week to check for and malware that may be on your computer.

 Please remember to check for updates each time before you run the program.  For more information visit