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Regulations Governing Student Use of Victoria College Computing Resources

Victoria College is pleased to offer a variety of computing resources to students. These resources include individual e-mail addresses, Internet access, dial-in access, computer labs, a variety of software, and training. We encourage students to become proficient users of computing resources because we believe that these skills are critical to academic and career success. With these privileges come responsibilities. Students are required to abide by Victoria College Computer Use Policies and Regulations. These Policies and Regulations are located in the Victoria College Student Handbook, are posted in computer labs, and are on the College web page. Students are required to acknowledge that they understand these regulations and to agree to abide by them prior to receiving computer privileges. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Technology Services.

You are the only person who may use resources (User ID and Passwords) that have been assigned to you.

Do not give your password to anyone else, even to your friends or others whom you trust. If you suspect that someone may have discovered or guessed your password, change it immediately. Since you are encouraged to select a password that is uncommon and are urged to change your password frequently, it will be assumed that anyone other than you who gains access to your account has done so with your permission.

Do not transmit computer viruses to College computers. A computer virus is defined as an unwanted computer program or other set of instructions inserted into a computer’s memory, operating system, or program that is specifically constructed with the ability to replicate itself or to affect the other programs or files in the computer by attaching a copy of the unwanted program or other set of instructions to one or more computer programs of files.

Do not modify any College-owned computer hardware or software. Do not load software on any College-owned computer equipment. The only exceptions to these two rules are for classes that specifically require such activities, and, if required, are to be conducted only with the express prior knowledge and permission of the class instructor.

You cannot be paid or otherwise commercially profit from the use of any College-provided computing resource or from any output produced using it. You may not:

Never use any College-provided resources to do something illegal, threatening, or deliberately destructive—not even as a joke. Victoria College vigorously enforces its computer use regulations.

Be civil. Do not send rude or harassing e-mail.

Use resources appropriately. Send messages only to recipients who are probably interested. Examples of inappropriate use of resources include:

Do not falsify e-mail or news-group postings. This is forgery and can result in criminal penalties as well as disciplinary action.

Be careful of copyright infringement. Copyright laws for online information are still evolving, but duplicating other people’s text or graphics on your Web page can get you into trouble, even if the work did not contain a copyright notice.

Never try to circumvent log-in procedures on any computer system or otherwise gain access where you are not allowed. This is not acceptable under any circumstances and will always result in disciplinary action.

The College tracks all computer usage, and evidence of any of these infractions is documented in the College’s computer security system. Offenses will be investigated by the Vice President of Student Services under the authority of Part I, Article I (The College Discipline System), Sections 1.2 v (see Victoria College Student Handbook). Possible College sanctions include Warning, Reprimand, Probation, Suspension, Dismissal, and Monetary Reimbursement. Offenses may also result in criminal charges.

(These regulations were adapted, with permission, from "Looking for Trouble?" published January 3, 1997 by Academic Computing and Instructional Technology Services, The University of Texas at Austin.)

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