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Over the next several months Technology Services will begin a systematic upgrade of Faculty and Staff Computers to Office 2003, and migrate e-mail to the new Exchange Server.

This means programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook will be upgraded to the latest version. The old programs will be removed, but data files, e-mails, contacts, address books, etc will be kept intact, and will be migrated over to the new software. FrontPage is not included in Office 2003 and will no longer be available.

Older e-mail programs such as Eudora and Outlook Express, will no longer be supported. All users will be sending and receiving e-mail through Outlook 2003.

Users may keep old e-mail messages in Eudora, but all new messages will be received though Outlook 2003. Eudora will no longer function; except as a place to keep old messages that were received before the upgrade.

With the Outlook 2003 Exchange Server migration, comes the ability to access all e-mail, calendars, and contacts remotely - even off campus (through computers with Internet Access and Internet Explorer 6). We are in the process of setting up a web e-mail service that looks and functions like Outlook 2003. It will be available at

At a later point in time, changes will also be made to the way users access Dial-In Internet service. For information click here.

If you do not read and complete the following you will not have e-mail after the upgrade!!!!!


Retirees and others who do not access their e-mail from campus, will be required to use the web based system at We will migrate these users to the Exchange Server during the summer session.

Retirees also do not need to fill out the faculty/staff information form. Several of the required fields on this form do not apply. A different form will be posted. More to come...

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