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Getting Started Online - Things to Know

Check the course information for the class you want to take – before you register. Some classes require specific software, or have access codes that need to be purchased before the first class day. Some instructions also require you to visit the campus for orientation and tests. Make sure you can fulfill the requirements for a course before you take it. Check course info here.

It is advised to send an e-mail to your instructor after you have registered and paid for your course, with your full name and contact information.

You are required by Victoria College attendance policy to logon to your class at least once every two weeks. Some instructors or more lenient on this policy, while others may require you to login and complete work every week.

Be aware of the software and computer requirements for your course. You may have to load additional software in order to access your class. It is best to have this all done as soon as possible.

You must have some computer skills to complete an online class, and you must be able to keep up with assignments on your own. No Procrastinating.

Most online courses offered through Victoria College use WebCT. This is a program that organizes your online courses. For WebCT to work properly on your home computer you must have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, and you must disable all pop-up blockers, and download accelerators. Any firewall software such as Zone Alarm, Windows XP Personal Firewall, and the Firewall feature in Norton System Works, must be modified to include

The User ID and password required for Victoria College WebCT students is your SAM (Student Account Manager). Your SAM Account can be obtained here.

The User ID and password required for Virtual College of Texas (VCT) students is mailed to the e-mail address supplied by the student when they register.

You will not be able to login to WebCT until the first day of class, unless your instructor has made arrangements otherwise. Do not worry if you cannot login while others can, until the first official class day.

After the first class day, if your class does not show up when you login to WebCT wait 24 hours, then check again. If it is still not there you need to contact your instructor and let them know.

Now What? Accessing your Online Course

Once you have registered and paid for your online class, and have obtained your SAM username and password, you must login to WebCT to access your online course.

To login to WebCT, go to in Internet Explorer and enter your SAM UserID and Password in the spaces provided, and click Login.

You will then be taken your MyWebCT page. This page will have a list of all of your VC online classes, click on your course name to enter the class.

For further information on accessing your online course, see the VC Online Course Guide.

If there are no courses listed in your WebCT course list, do not panic. Students cannot add a course themselves; that is the responsibility of the instructor. If it is already the first day of class, or the first day of class has past, you need to contact your instructor and request being added to the course. If it is not the first class day, then wait 24 hours and try again. Online courses are not usually available until the first day of classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Course Content, Grading Policies, etc… should be directed to your course instructor.

I cannot Login to WebCT, it won’t accept my password!

Verify that you are using the correct user ID and password. VC Online students use their SAM, while VCT students use the information that was e-mail to them to login. If that is correct, veify that the Caps Lock is not on, and (if you are using the number pad on the right-hand side of the keyboard), the Num Lock is on.

When I click “Begin Quiz” nothing happens!
I cannot view discussion postings, or read mail messages!

Both these problems occur because there is a pop-up blocker running. Mail messages, quizzes, and discussion postings open in a separate window that is commonly mistaken as a pop-up and closed by that program. To fix – Disable any pop-up blockers running on your computer. Yahoo Companion, Hotbar, and other IE tool bars commonly have theses features running with out you being aware.

When I attempt to logon, I am re-directed to the login page.

This is a problem when you are using and incorrect userID or password, have a firewall or pop-up blockers on your computer, or have disabled First Party Cookies. Please make any necessary corrections. For more log in information click here.

General Technical Problems

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, or similar ones, it is a good Idea to run the WebCT Browser TuneUp to ensure that you have the correct plugins on your computer, and that you are using accecpted versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape.

More WebCT FAQ's

VC Online Course Guide

If you are still having technical difficulties contact the Computer Helpdesk

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