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Before completing any of the following cleaning tasks, it is best to turn you computer off. It is recommended that each department or area collect their own set of cleaning materials. Technology Services is unable to provide them to the entire campus.


It is best to clean your monitor with some form of screen wipes made specifically for the task. Regular window cleaners often work well, but never spray anything directly on the monitor. Spray the towel first. If these are not available, a damp cloth (does not drip) or towel will do. Simply wipe the screen gently to remove fingerprints and smears. If your monitor is a flat panel, or LCD/Plasma display - you must be careful of the amount of pressure you use to wipe the screen. If you press hard it may permanently damage the monitor. Never use rubbing alcohol on a monitor screen, it can deteriorate the anti-glare layer, the same effect can be caused by ammonia based window cleaners. Do not spray anything directly on the monitor. After cleaning the screen, wipe dust from the top and sides of the monitor, paying special attention to any vents. Make sure the monitor is dry before you turn the computer back on.


To clean your keyboard, start by picking it up, turning it upside down, and gently shaking out any loose debris. Then take a damp cloth (it can have a mild soap on it - if your keyboard is really grimy) and, with your computer turned off, run it over the keys to remove dirt. If your keyboard is totally filthy (food, sticking or sticky keys), you may need to remove the keys one at a time to get it completely clean. Do not use rubbing alcohol, or harsh cleaners to clean you keyboard, they may remove the lettering, or change the surface texture. Step-by-Step Instructions


If your mouse becomes troublesome, it may simply require cleaning. To keep it looking spiffy, you want to clean the whole mouse. Take a damp, soapy towel and wipe the surface areas of the mouse to remove dirt and grime. Clean the buttons, cord, and bottom of the mouse. Pay special attention to the base of the mouse, and the small pads that run over the mouse pad. These can become dirty and prevent the mouse from running smoothly across the mouse pad.

Trackball - If you have a trackball mouse, you need to remove the ball and clean both it and the rollers inside. This can be done with a soapy damp cloth, alcohol wipe, or damp q-tip. Make sure the mouse is completely dry before use. Step-by-Step Instructions

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