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FYI E-Mail Tips

  1. To subscribe to FYI, send an e-mail to, and put "subscribe fyi" in the body of the message.
  2. FYI e-mail size limit is 1,000,000 characters. This is difficult to equate to a file size. If you plan to put in formatting or pictures, it is best to post the information on a web page and send the link through FYI. If you send a large file, it can and will bring the e-mail server down, which effects everyone on campus.
  3. With the addition of the new SPAM software, FYI e-mails now take longer to be received. If your message does not go through instantaneously do not be alarmed. It may take up to an hour to go through. When an FYI is sent, the message must be reproduced 500+ times to go to every member on the distribution list. Those e-mails must then be scanned for SPAM and viruses. This takes time.

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