The Rules of the Electronic Road

  1. You are the only person who can use a resource that has been assigned to you.
  2. Do not give your password to anyone else, even your friends. If you suspect that someone may have discovered or guessed your password, change it immediately.
  3. You will not be paid for profit from the use of any College-provided resource. Examples are:
  4. Never use any College-provided resource to do something illegal, threatening, or deliberately destructive -- not even as a joke. All complaints will be investigated.
  5. Be civil. Do not send rude or harassing e-mail.
  6. Use resources appropriately.
  7. Do not falsify e-mail or newsgroup postings.
  8. Be careful of copyright infringement. Copyright laws are still evolving. Duplicating other people's text or graphics can get you into trouble, even if the work did not contain a copyright notice.
  9. Never try to circumvent login procedures on any computer system or otherwise gain access where you are not allowed. This is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Remember, a computer account is a privilege, not a right. Treat it as such.